Picture this: you’re standing in the middle of a bustling warehouse. You’re surrounded by boxes,
sorting through orders and expertly guiding activity. But this is no ordinary warehouse – it’s
below minus 18 degrees. It’s like the North Pole – without Santa. But you’re used to the
temperature; in fact, it’s what makes your job so appealing. It’s intense, it’s challenging and
requires incredible focus – it’s work without the boring bits.

That’s how day-to-day life is for warehouse supervisors at Chill, one of Australia’s leading
refrigerated logistics companies. Not only are these roles dynamic, diverse, and definitely not for
the faint-hearted, they’re also the heartbeat of the Australian logistics sector. Warehouse teams
are critical to the lifeblood of businesses nationwide that rely on the efficient, effective
movement of their cold-storage goods. It’s the warehouse supervisors’ role to keep this process
moving – from managing orders, ensuring inventory is received, stored and shipped accurately
and effectively, to maintaining accurate inventory records so clients receive their goods on time,
and in premium condition. These roles also have a critical management arm. Warehouse
supervisors are leaders – they not only oversee warehouse operations, but they train and
supervise employees, sharing their passion, their commitment to quality and their skills with
their team.

It’s a seriously cool role for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, their boots on the
ground and their ears a little frosty. It’s not a typical desk job, but that’s what makes it fun – it’s
all about taking charge, solving problems and sharing a desire to do cool things better with your
team – and your clients.

Even better, team Chill is also all about growth. We’re passionate about up skilling and offering
opportunities for workers across the business to re-train and redeploy into other roles. Because
we live to promote from within, we’ve seen workers in entry-level positions rise through the
ranks to take on everything from management to marketing.

For example, one of our staffers Christopher joined Chill in 2019 as a general pick/packer. Through sheer
determination and support from his team, he’s since gained experience in operating forklifts,
pallet jacks and other specialised equipment. He’s also garnered skills in inventory
management, quality control and safety protocols, allowing him to apply for more complex roles.
As a result, he was promoted to a supervisory position – and poof, career progression was born!

“I now oversee a team of amazing staff and I’m responsible for ensuring all warehouse
operations are running smoothly. I’m proud of my journey in this industry, and I know there will
always be more opportunities for me to learn and continue advancing my career.”

And that’s the beauty of a career at Chill – plus, the competitive pay and benefits don’t hurt

Keen to get amongst the action? Apply for one of our warehouse supervisor roles. Your
seriously cool career starts here….

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