Ice Cream from another World…from the World’s littlest Ice Cream Parlour!

Introducing Golden Blonde Chocolate, the newest flavour to grace the shores of Australia. With its arrival, we sought to make a significant impact with a small ice cream sensation. Introducing the Little Moons Little Shop, the world’s tiniest ice cream parlour!

The ultimate bite-sized luxury, Little Moon’s is proof that good things really do come in small packages.

Back in 2021, the UK brand, Little Moons, skyrocketed in popularity, becoming a viral phenomenon on Tik Tok by virtue of brilliant branding, marvellous marketing and a new, exciting and lip-smackingly delicious product. 

The UK’s fastest-growing ice cream brand hit Australian shores in late 2022, making huge waves in the Aussie ice cream industry by selling 54,000 units in the first week and delighting Sydney east-siders with a vintage Little Moons Whipee Van located at the iconic North Bondi Life Saving Club. The public was invited to roll on up via top influencers to sample three of Little Moons top selling flavours – Honey Roasted Pistachio, Vegan Belgian Chocolate and Hazelnut and Passionfruit and Mango with roaring success as far as the social media eye can see. 

Enter 2023,  a new year, a new flavour and a new concept – Little Moon’s Little Shop. 

In the words of Little Moons themselves, “Little Moons exists to create little lifts that spark positivity. This is true of both the product itself, with its bright colour, punchy flavours and contrasting textures that lift the mood. And through our communications and marketing moments, all of which are designed to deliver a moment of joy to leave our consumers feeling uplifted” And that’s exactly what the Little Moons Little Shop did. 

A tiny, yet brilliant concept, Little Moons, along with their chosen Australian agency, History Will Be Kind, and experiential marketing guru, Jim McGorty, founder of The Experience Studio, engaged miniature artist, Joshua Smith, to create a teeny, otherworldly wonder. 

To celebrate the launch of the newest flavour, Golden Blond Chocolate (a combination of delicate white chocolate and caramelised sugar, blended with silky smooth golden gelato, studded with milk and white chocolate pieces, wrapped in a sweet rice dough), the Little Shop sprang to life.

In the fabulous location of Kensington Street, Sydney, a stones throw from the bustling Spice Alley, this hyper-realistic ice cream parlour, no bigger than a suitcase (with a hidden retail space behind!) served up little bites of joy for a limited time. The experience ran from Friday 19th of May to Sunday the 21st of May, with a sneak peak for influencers on Thursday the 18th. The Little Shop combined the futuristic and fanciful Googie style of the 50’s, with elements of Miami Beach art deco, both of which lend themselves perfectly to the Little Moons colour pallet. A customised app added a modern touch to the activation, while providing an easy and streamlined ordering experience for the public, as well as the team working in secret behind the scenes.

.         .         

Chill has worked with Little Moons since their launch in October 2022, assisting with the first activations and continuing to run frozen deliveries of delight across the country, and we were thrilled to be back on board for this activation. Ice cream has a history of being volatile when it comes to temperature, so Chill immediately enlisted our rental department to supply a freezer that would remain onsite in the heritage listed building keeping Little Moons stock at optimum temperatures. Little Moons Mochi is made with premium gelato, wrapped in a soft and delicious rice dough. Mochi, which is an age old Japanese process of steaming, pounding and rolling rice to make this delightful dough. The mission – three and a half days and a forecast of 3,000 units – that’s a lot of Mochi!

Chill worked seamlessly in the background from Friday to Sunday to ensure that Little Moons vision came to life, sampling just under 3,000 individual Mochi bites over the weekend, Sunday being the busiest day with a whopping 1,200 Little Moons Mochi being delivered. The clear favourite was the absolutely delicious Passionfruit and Mango and the brand new golden standard of snack, Golden Blond, coming in a close second. We have never heard the phrase “It’s so cute!” more times than over those three days, and some fantastic feedback that the activation was so successful, customers had one taste from the Little Shop and headed straight to Woolworths to purchase their own.

Little Moons currently produce 180 million Mochi a year and counting, and with summer just around the corner in Australia, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for some incredible flavour profiles. Get rid of the popcorn, we’ve got a pack of Golden Blond waiting (5 minutes out of the freezer for optimum eating!). 

The Little Shop was just a taste, who knows what new out of world experiences Little Moons will come up with next? We can’t wait to see what fantastical ideas Little Moons comes up with next and we can’t wait to get these mouth watering bites to Aussie’s across the country!

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